UPVC Tilt and Turn Windows Kent

Averi Windows provide uPVC tilt and turn Windows in Dartford, Maidstone and Kent. Our uPVC tilt and turn windows are from industry leading manufacturer Liniar. Known for their durability, versatility and flexibility. They offer excellent multi-functional design that can be used in both tilt and turn position.

The innovative integrated gearing mechanism allows for a dual action function which provides homeowners in Kent with many benefits. With a simple quarter rotation of the handle the tilt function is engaged. A further quarter rotation of the handle engages the turn function, allowing for easy operation.

Tilt and Turn windows Maidstone Kent

Dual Function Windows

With the tilt function used you can benefit from secure ventilation. This function is ideal for bungalows and ground floor windows. Security is maintained which will give you peace of mind over night, or to ensure the safety of children or pets from exiting through the window, especially important for upper floors.

The unique turn function allows for the whole glazed pane to swing open on side hinges to a full 90˚ angle. Especially useful for upper floors where outside access may be restricted, the inward opening allows for easy cleaning. As well as maximum ventilation, this function also provides an alternative means of escape.

Stylish uPVC Windows in Kent

These beautiful uPVC tilt and turn windows come as a single sash and together with the slim sightlines, it creates a sleek minimalist aesthetic that works brilliantly for tradition and contemporary homes alike. Enjoy unrestricted views of the outside with these versatile and elegant uPVC tilt and turn windows.

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Tilt and turn window Prices Kent

Great Variety

We offer our uPVC tilt and turn windows in a wide range of colour finishes to suit any style of property. A variety of handles and hinges are available for you to create your own distinct look.

Tilt and Turn Windows Kent

Dual Functionality

The versatile dual functionality of uPVC tilt and turn windows sets them apart from other double glazing options. These unique windows are are ideal choice for a number of aperture situations.

Tilt and turn window features maidstone kent

Weather Resistant

Liniar’s innovative profile design includes clever features such as a double-action bubble gasket to offer an uninterrupted seal even at the corners, making sure it is draught free, leak free and weatherproof.

Why Choose Averi Tilt and Turn Windows

  • Extremely energy efficient – Our tilt and turn windows are A+12 rated to ensure you receive the greatest thermal efficiency available. UPVC tilt and turn double glazing allows you to keep your home warmer for longer, reducing the energy needed to heat your home and helping the environment.
  • Highly secure – Our UPVC tilt and turn windows promise to keep your family and home safe. Fitted with Yale locks for high security, they meet the latest security standards. The clever tilt function allows secured ventilation without compromising on safety, as it is robust enough to keep out unwanted intruders.
  • Versatile design, colour and glass options – Our tilt and turn windows come with a range of designs, colours and glazing options to meet your individual requirements. You can create a traditional appearance for your home or a sleek modern aesthetic. With a vast selection you will find the perfect combination.

Tilt & turn window Dartford Kent

Low Maintenance

uPVC is incredibly low maintenance with only an occasional wipe down necessary to keep them looking at their best. With the easy access provided by the unique functionality making maintenance a breeze.

Secure sash windows maidstone kent

Yale Locks

These windows offer a high level of protection. With multi-point locking systems from Yale, internal glazing beads and tilt opening restrictor, our tilt and turn windows ensure your home and family remain safe.

uPVC Double Glazing Dartford Kent

Energy Efficient

The intelligent design of the Liniar profile provides exceptional thermal efficiency. These windows achieve the highest Windows Energy Rating of A+12, to keep your home warmer for longer and reduce energy bills.

uPVC Tilt and Turn Window Prices

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