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CASE STUDY – Strand Palace Hotel

Approximate Value: £700,000

Having recently refurbished all 785 rooms the Strand Palace Hotel decided to restore the façade of the building, which is a very famous landmark along The Strand in Central London.

The hotel restored all elevations, and the stone works which cannot be seen from passers-by. The works were completed over a number of phases whilst the hotel was kept open; this involved precise planning to keep the guest disruptions to a minimum.

Averi Windows and Building Services Ltd undertook the work to replace 600 double glazed box sash windows working with the hotel’s planning team to complete the project successfully on time and within budget.

Challenges included access, as the building could not be accessed via the front entrance or via the external scaffolds. All operatives had to bring materials through the service entrance along the adjacent road, and all windows were taken to each floor using the maintenance lifts, to keep customer disruption to an absolute minimum. Limited parking and site storage meant that all windows were delivered according to the up and coming scheduled week, and our operatives were given 3 rooms per day (each with 2 windows) which worked alongside the hotels planning team again to keep customer disruptions to a minimum. All completed rooms were also handed back in a client usable state, which meant the housekeeping team did not have to enter a room after we had completed our work each day.

Averi Windows and Building Services Ltd secured this project under the basis that we could complete more rooms per week, compared to the previous window contractor on site.

This meant that the client could shorten their contract programme, which in turn saved them with preliminary fees on the overall project. Our price was also cheaper measured on a schedule of rates per box sash installed, making our offer better value than all other competing window contractors.

A few measures were taken over the course of the project to tailor the client’s needs.

Strand Palace Hotel

One of which was the out of hours works, this was a result of the hotel staff booking out incorrect rooms, which meant that our operatives had to work out of sequence in some areas. This was still completed without any additional costs, as was any weekend work which took place over the 2 phases. The hotel and our company also have a very strong environmental policy, which meant that any timber or lead waste from the existing sash windows was recycled in accordance with our policies.

For a Site Reference please contact:

Mr David Abercrombie   Maintenance office

372 Strand, London WC2R 0JJ

Tel:   0207 836 8080

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Approximate Value: £750k over 2 years 2011-2015

Over the past few years Averi Windows and Building Services Ltd and Building Services have replaced thousands of UPVC windows and doors working as a partnering sub contractor for Mears Group PLC for local authority and housing associations. These works are carried out all around London and the South East, and over this period Averi Windows and Building Services Ltd and Building Services, have gained more areas to work within the Group, as a result of our continued good service.

Case Study

Case study

Bay Windows

The service provided starts with our office administration team, who book in all works by ringing each tenant, and making sure our operatives are working in the same areas each day and are excellent at customer care. All of our operatives are trained in surveying properties and once this is done, their survey is ordered the following day. Averi generally work on a two week turn around and re-book the job for fitting with the tenants directly. The house and flat installations are generally done in a day. Our operatives having our own satisfaction sign off sheets for signing by the tenants upon completion. This is also followed up with random spot checks and phone calls. Averi and Mears have enjoyed a strong working relationship with their clients over the past 4 years, and this is due to our efficiency and good workmanship on each project, as well as being very competitive.

There are minimum problems with our installation works as this is continuously ongoing. We have 7 teams working under 4 different housing associations including Family Mosaic, Old Ford Housing, Circle Anglia, and Russet Homes.

This has its challenges matching different profiles, specifications and fenestrations, as well as different requirements on ironmongery etc.

The vast majority of our works are priced using agreed national SOR codes. We are able to give significant discounts in some areas, and still provide an excellent service which is why we have remained strong against competition from other UPVC companies working in the same areas.

For a Reference please contact:

Mr Rob Robbery

Contracts Manager Mears PLC

Mears In Partnership with OFHA Circle Anglia 4th Floor, Solar House, E15 4LJ

Office: 02035831620

Mobile: 07894 494893


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