Composite Doors: Outstanding Bromley Home Improvements

If you’re looking to replace old timber doors in the Bromley area, our composite doors are the perfect way to make an entrance. Enviable, yet welcoming, these doors combine incredible aesthetics with unmatched performance. Thermally efficient, durable, secure and low-maintenance, our composite doors form the perfect halfway point between timber and uPVC doors.

At Averi Windows, we specialise in finding the perfect door to suit any Bromley residence. Whether you need a door for a more traditional property or a more modern one, we are confident that we can find the perfect product for you. We carry an excellent reputation in Bromley for great designs and efficient and non-disruptive installations.

Keep reading for our guide to composite front doors in Bromley and the multiple ways in which they will enhance any home.

Composite doors bromley

Composite Doors: The Ideal Substitute for Timber

Authentic timber doors add a beautifully rustic, heritage look to any property, but unfortunately, they do not age gracefully. Over time, your timber doors will become increasingly insecure and will start to let in a significant amount of cold air. They are also extremely high maintenance, requiring regular stripping, sanding, painting and varnishing to look their best. Fortunately, at Averi Windows, we have found the perfect way for you to replicate a classic style without the drawbacks.

Our Bromley range of composite doors creates the perfect blend of the aesthetics of timber and the innovations of modern double glazing technology. Extremely low maintenance, all these doors need to retain their looks and performance is an occasional wipe down, which is a far cry from regular repainting and varnishing. Our composite doors are the perfect way to preserve a home’s authentic timber look, without having to sacrifice thermal efficiency, security, or ease of maintenance.

Secure and Durable Composite Doors

When it comes to incredible home security, there is no better performer than a composite door. Our Bromley range features a solid core and is covered with a tough and durable skin. This means that our composite doors are able to offer incredible protection, even against sustained and powerful physical attacks.

Our Bromley doors also come complete with state of the art Yale locking systems to offer comprehensive security. A household name in Bromley and worldwide, Yale is synonymous with high-quality systems that will keep your home protected.

With composite doors from Averi Windows, you are guaranteed the very best in home protection to put your mind at ease.

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Thermally Efficient Composite Doors

Our Bromley range of composite doors have been engineered to offer the very best in thermal efficiency for your home, offering up to six times greater thermal performance than uPVC or timber doors. This means there’s no more effective way to ensure energy efficiency for your Bromley home.

Composite doors are a great way to save money on your home’s running costs in the long term. Your Bromley home will remain warm and comfortable all year around, no matter what the British winter throws at you, without you relying heavily on your central heating system. You will immediately begin to see significant reductions in the cost of your energy bill.

A Range of Styles and Colours

With a huge range of colours and glazing, we are guaranteed to have a composite door to suit any Bromley residence. Our composite doors are available with a number of different panel designs, so you can create modern or traditional looks to suit your property. We also offer a variety of customisable decorative and practical hardware options to truly make these doors your own.

Bromley Composite Doors Prices

If you would like to find out more about our composite doors in Bromley, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our skilled and professional team who will respond as quickly as possible to answer any questions you have.