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uPVC doors from Averi Windows are an excellent way of creating a welcoming entrance for visitors to your property in Dartford, Maidstone and Kent. Our uPVC doors are incredibly versatile, practical and available in a huge variety of styles to suit any type of home whether contemporary or period.

The front door of your home can make a big impact as it is usually the first thing visitors notice about your home. With a front door from Averi you have an excellent opportunity to add character to the aesthetics of your home. We offer a huge range of options for you to fully customise your door.

Your front door is the main thoroughfare of your property, as such it needs to be strong and robust to cope with the regular use. The clever design of the frames and doors make them incredibly durable, providing an impressive level of performance in terms of security, weatherproofing and thermal efficiency.

The versatile range of styles available makes our uPVC door equally as perfect for your back door. Although not the main entrance to your home your back door is still an important access point. Enhance your garden area and add extra protection for thieves who often target the rear of properties.


Every uPVC door that we install, whether front doors or back doors, is manufactured to our exceptionally high standards. The cleverly design frames and doors are extremely strong and robust to provide enhanced security to your home. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your family and home is well protected.

Averi fit uPVC doors that are resilient to break-in and forced entry, deterring any would-be intruders and keeping you safe. With multipoint locking mechanisms as well as high security door locks and hinges, our uPVC door meet the stringent security standards and surpass insurance industry requirements.


The British weather can be harsh at times, but with our uPVC doors from Averi installed you and your home will be well protected. The uPVC doors in our range have exceeded testing standards for air permeability and watertightness to ensure that your home stays warm and cosy throughout the year

Thermally Efficient

The high performance uPVC doors that we offer are design to achieve incredible thermal efficiency. The design features fully enclosed chambers which trap pockets of warm air inside to create a thermal barrier and prevent cold transfer from outside. This results in better heat retention and lower energy bills.

Style Options

You can choose from a wide variety of colour finishes which allows you to perfectly match the style of your home. Why not stand out from the crowd and include some decorative glazing? Add our range of accessories such as handles, letterboxes and knockers, you have the opportunity to create something truly unique.

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Thermal Efficiency

The thermal efficiency of our uPVC doors is incredibly impressive. Your home will stay warm and cosy no matter how cold it is outside. With the increase in heat retention you’ll also be able to benefit from reducing your heating bills.

Low Maintenance

uPVC will never warp, crack or fade. Without the necessity of painting, maintenance could not be more simple. An occasional wipe down with a damp cloth is sufficient to keep your uPVC door looking like new.

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Hardware Accessories

Not only are our hardware accessories highly secure, the extensive range available gives you the opportunity to add some personality to your uPVC door design. Choose your favourite handles, hinges, letterboxes and spyholes.

Benefits of uPVC Doors

  • uPVC doors are practical and versatile
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • A wide variety of colours, styles and accessories
  • High security locking mechanisms
  • Resilient to forced entry
  • Weather resistant
  • Heat retention reduces energy bills



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