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Patio doors from Liniar are an attractive addition to both contemporary new build homes and more period properties in Dartford, London and Kent. Their impressive sliding movement makes our patio doors a number one choice for homeowners in Kent.

Beautiful Views

Fill your home with plenty of natural sunlight and fresh air. Our stunning uPVC patio doors have the ability to open up any room and create an increased feeling of spaciousness. Bring the outdoors in with beautiful views and easy access to your garden.

Energy Efficient

Our high performance patio doors are fitted with energy efficient glass. Able to retain heat inside your home on cold days and reflect sunlight on warm days, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable living environment throughout the year.

The innovative design of the profile increases the thermal efficiency further still. A thermal barrier is produced as pockets of warm air are trapped inside the multi-chambered profile design. These features together will improve the heat retention of your home.

With your property retaining more heat, you’ll soon find that your heating system becomes more efficient. You’ll be able to enjoy lower heating bills, saving you money in your pocket, reducing your energy consumption and minimising your impact on the environment.


Our patio doors provide a phenomenal level of security for your home. Inherently strong and durable, the uPVC profile is designed to be incredibly robust. The patio doors have been designed to be resilient to forced entry to deter any would be intruders.

Installed with market leading Yale multipoint locking mechanisms, our patio doors are insurance approved. You can rest assured in the knowing that your family, property and home are well protected, keeping you safe.


Smooth Operation

The ingenious design of our uPVC patio doors provides incredible functionality. The integrated rolling system allows the doors to glide effortless. These easy to use patio doors are made with quality materials, enabling you to enjoy great functionality for years to come.

Attractive Appearance

Take your pick from a fantastic range of colour finishes to perfectly match the style of your home. Coupled with a fantastic variety of hardware accessories, you are sure to be able to find the ideal combination for your property whether modern or traditional.


Our premium quality patio doors have compact operating mechanisms which allows them to be installed with low thresholds, providing easy accessibility. Compliant with part M building regulations, they’re an excellent choice for wheelchair users and buggies or prams.


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Thermal Performance

The clever design of our uPVC profile consists of multiple chambers which trap pockets of warm air inside. This creates a thermal barrier to prevent cold transfer which improves the heat retention of your home, helping to make your heating system more efficient.

Innovative Design

The uPVC patio doors that we provide are state of the art, incorporating the very latest in innovative designs to lead the market. From the incredible thermal efficiency to the smooth gliding operation, you can be sure that our patio doors are premium quality.

Smooth Functionality

The patio doors that we produce are high performance. Operation is made effortless through the intelligent design of the rolling system, provide a smooth gliding motion that is easy to use. Additionally the sliding action allows you to save space without the need for a swing arc.

Stylish, Secure And Energy Efficient

  • uPVC patio doors are strong and durable
  • Open up any room with additional sunlight
  • Practically no maintenance required
  • A range of colours, styles and accessories
  • High security protection for your home
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing process
  • Incredible weatherproofing
  • High thermal efficiency

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High Security

The inherent strength of uPVC, along with the robust design combine to achieve outstanding protection for your home. With multipoint locking mechanisms included as standard, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your family and home remain safe and secure.

uPVC Double Glazing Maidstone Kent


The uPVC used throughout our range of double glazing products is of a premium grade and fully recyclable. At the end of the product life span every element used can be used again. This enables us to have a completely sustainable manufacturing process.

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Our durable uPVC patio doors provide an exceptional level of weather resistance. The ingenious design of the gaskets allow impermeable weathertightness preventing cold draughts and water ingress to keep you home warm and dry whatever the weather.

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You can find out your unique patio doors guide price contacting one of our expert team here through our online contact form. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have or arrange for an appointment to visit you at a time that suits.




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