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Composite doors installed by Averi make a stunning impact to the aesthetics of your home in Dartford, Maidstone and Kent. Our composite door represent the ultimate choice for many homeowners due to their beautiful appearance and incredible performance. They are also extremely strong and durable with a longer lifespan than alternatives.

Your front door is usually the first thing that visitors will notice about your home. By choosing a composite door from Averi you open up a whole host of amazing benefits as well as the opportunity to personalise your property. Available in a wide range of beautiful colour finishes, you can make your mark with a choice of design options.

Our composite doors are extremely versatile, they can work brilliantly with any type of property, whether it’s a period property or a contemporary home. Customise your composite door with our range of hardware accessories. Stand out from the crowd with a unique combination of handles, knockers and letterboxes.

Composite doors outperform their uPVC and timber alternatives in many areas, providing homeowners with fantastic benefits. These high performance doors offer up to six times more thermal efficiency when compared to a standard uPVC door. Other benefits include enhanced security, weatherproofing and sound insulation.

Thermal Performance

The thermal efficiency of our incredible composite doors is impressive. The layering technique involved in the fabrication of our composite doors provides a superior level of insulation that can not be matched. The tightly compacted layers offer immense strength and density which helps to trap warmth inside your home.

Creating a comfortable living environment for you and family and keeping your home warm and cosy is important. Our composite doors excel at this, in return your heating system becomes more efficient. This results in keeping your home warmer for longer, maintaining that pleasant indoor climate.

Whilst consuming less energy to warm your home, you’ll be saving money on your heating bills. This will provide a substantial saving over the long life span of your composite door. You’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint, whilst lessening any negative impact on the environment.


The formidable strength and durability of our composite doors offer exceptional security for your property. The strength provides resistance to sudden impacts, allowing our composite doors to stand up to potential intruders. As well as the inherent strength, these doors have been designed to be resilient to forced entry.

Value for money

Our composite doors represent excellent value for money when you consider the extended life span compared to uPVC or timber doors. Factor in the significant savings on heating and energy costs provided by the exceptional thermal performance and you can quickly see that this long term investment will practically pay for itself.

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Thermal Efficiency

The insulation capabilities of our high performance composite doors surpass other door materials. The thermal efficiency of your home will be significantly improved, saving money on your energy bills.

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Long Lasting

Composite doors are inherently strong and durable due to the way that they are manufactured. The process involves many layers of different materials compacted together under immense pressure which creates its strength.

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Personalise your front door with a fantastic range of hardware accessories and decorative glazing options. Take your pick from our selection of handles, door knockers, spy holes and letterboxes to add you own touches.

Benefits of Composite Doors

  • Strong, tough and durable
  • Longer lifespan than uPVC or timber
  • Value for money
  • Industry leading product
  • Thermal insulation
  • Weatherproof
  • Scratch resistant GRP skin
  • Variety of colours and finishes

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High Security

The strength of our composite doors is impressive. Enhance the security of your home with a composite door that has been designed to be resilient to force entry and resistant to sudden impacts, deterring potential intruders.

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Our stunning composite doors are available in a wide range of colour finishes. Choose one of the realistic woodgrain finishes for a perfectly authentic timber appearance. The protective outer skin is scratch resistant.


Our superb composite doors provide a phenomenal level of protection against the unpredictable British weather. They are tested against air permeability, strong winds and water ingress to keep your home warm and dry.

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We offer some of the most attractive, energy efficient and secure composite doors throughout Dartford, Kent and London. Get your free composite door quote today by contacting us for further information via our online contact formOne of our friendly team will be happy to offer advice and answer any queries that you may have. We can even arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.




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